Nursery Rules and Guidelines

  1. Parents should explain to their children that they must be obedient to the nursery attendants just like they do when sending a child to school or employing a baby sitter.  Our nursery attendants are instructed to have the children play quietly, politely and without fighting or destroying property.  

  2. Parents should instruct their children to respect the authority of the nursery attendants and to expect to be corrected when they become incorrigible and disobey the attendants.

  3. Children who reach the age of 6 years should not be in the nursery.  Children 6 years and older should be encouraged to sit with their parents in church.

  4. Important - trips in and out of the assembly during our study classes are disturbing to everyone.  Occasionally, these trips are absolutely necessary, but parents should encourage children to get a drink or use the bathroom before class.

  5. Parents are responsible for providing diapers, wipes or whatever is needed to change the diapers of their children.  Please advise nursery attendants of any specific diapering needs, ointments, etc.  The attendants will change the diapers and dispose of them.

  6. Infants - parents should provide personal teething toys for their child so that the unsanitary practice of sharing teething toys will not be necessary.

  7. Toys that are provided by the nursery, as well as diaper changing area, will be cleaned regularly with bleach and water solution.  Please advise nursery attendants if your child has any adverse reactions to bleach.

  8. Older children must not bring their food (including candy and gum), drink or  personal toys because this usually leads to bickering, resentment and hurt feelings.

  9. For the sake of other children, parents should be very careful about leaving sick children in the nursery.  Children who have or who have had a fever in the past 24  hours should probably not be exposed to others.

  10. Parents are encouraged to pick up their children as soon as possible after class.  To avoid a “bottleneck” at nursery door, nursery attendants will stand at the door and dismiss your child to the foyer as they see you.  Parents of infants will need to enter the nursery to pick up their children.

  11. If parents choose to visit in the assembly after class, once they have picked up their children from the nursery, they must keep an eye on their children and be responsible for them.

  12. Parents should not allow their children to run or to scream in the assembly.

  13. Parents must not allow their children to play around the podium.  Not only are the steps tricky and dangerous, but the electronic equipment must not be touched.

  14. Special information forms will be provided so that parents can note important  information about their children for the attendants - i.e., allergies, physical problems,  fears, habits, etc.  Please fill out a separate form for each child.  If a child has no special  considerations, please note accordingly on their form for the nursery attendants records.  All forms will be kept in the nursery.  Please update your child’s form as necessary.

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