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Living Word Bible Church was founded in 1984 as a nondenominational church, originally named Bible Doctrine Church.

1Timothy 2:4 says that Christ, “…desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.”  So, the purpose of Living Word Bible Church is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unbeliever and to present the knowledge of the Truth to believers.

This is accomplished by the hermeneutical process, which is the art and science of Biblical interpretation.  Many different processes and tools are used to ultimately reconstruct the original autograph and the original intent of the Biblical writers.  A crucial function in the process is using the original languages that the Bible was written in: 

  • Old Testament – Hebrew and some Aramaic (Gen. 31:47; Da. 2:4-7:28; Ezra 4:8-6:18; 7:12-26; Jer. 10:11)
  • New Testament – Koine Greek.

This helps with the Exegesis which is the critical analysis and explanation of a passage.  Christ is said to have ‘Explained’ God in Jn. 1:18.  The word used for ‘explained’ is exegesis.  To further examine and explain a passage the isagogics of a passage is used as well.  Isagogics means using discernable records and literature of the time in which the Bible was written so we interpret the Bible with the background in which it was written.  This helps the Bible come alive through the lens of pertinent history of the Biblical times.  For example, Paul is called an ‘Apostle’ of Christ Jesus in Ephesians 1:1.  The general definition of ‘Apostle’ is one sent.  But the original use of the word was in Attic Greek during the Peloponnesian War of the 5th Century B.C.  It meant much more than just ‘one sent’.  The word was used for the Admiral of the Athenian fleet who had absolute authority and the highest rank for his commission to be carried out during the War.  So, when Paul is called an Apostle he is referencing his authority and commission given him through direct revelation from Christ Himself.  Finally, the process is brought together under Categorical understanding of the concepts of the Bible.  This means taking a topic or subject and compiling the information on the subject from Genesis to Revelation to deduce points of application for the believer’s life.

This set up for the local church is brought out in Eph. 4:11-16, and intimates that the local church is the facility for higher learning.

If this all sounds a little too sophisticated for you, don’t let it.  We are all plain speaking people here with just an absolute love for the Word of God.  We only desire one thing and that is to know with certainty what the Bible tells us to do and how to live.  The importance of knowing exactly what a passage says is so crucial since we are all making life-changing decisions based upon its meaning. 

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